Hello World


Since I started playing Death Stranding, a couple or so weeks before writing this post, I've been in love with the scenery, the visuals, the effort that has gone into how this game looks. And, because of this, I've been capturing images and posting them to my Twitter account as I played.

Then, more recently, the Death Stranding Photo Mode was launched on the PS4. That really caught my attention! You see, I love photography. One particular project of mine, over the past few years, has been to create a photoblog of stuff I see as I go about my day. The problem is, right now, because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, here in the UK (like in many countries) we're in a state of "lockdown". This means that, as much as possible, I can't and should not be going outside. Especially not to populate a photoblog.

So, I decided, this was where Death Stranding and its photo mode would come in. I'd take the enjoyment of doing the odd screen share to Twitter from my PS4 into something more structured, more creative.

So, here it is: my.chiral.pictures. My photoblog from a virtual world that's helping be get through the current happenings here in our real world.

It's not much, but it helps. :)


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